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Jalina is a leading global communications advisor and media trainer based in the United States. She most recently served as the Principal Deputy Spokesperson at the U.S. Department of State, where she blazed a trail as the first woman of color and African-American woman to hold the role. Her professional background in communications has spanned peace and security, entertainment, politics, and nonprofit industries. Having trained an array of professionals, including elected officials, corporate executives, athletes, and international leaders, Jalina is passionate about helping others find their voice through creative communication solutions, confidence building, and mindfulness practices.


A graduate of both Howard University and Georgetown University for her bachelors and masters degrees, respectively, Jalina leads with her core values of faith, integrity, humility, creativity, and family. She has been featured in The Hill, Roll Call, Elle Magazine, Sky News, and Viacom Media among other outlets. Having previously lived in Southeast Asia and traveled the world, Jalina brings to the table a unique vantage point and expertise in the nuances of cross-cultural communications and emotions that connect people to each other. She works with individuals, organizations, executive teams, and corporate boards ready to unlock their fullest potential



&  Reviews

"I was proud to book Jalina for a speaking engagement on behalf of one of my clients for a special Black History Month event. Hearing her inspiring story was a proud moment for me both personally and professionally, and all the employees were literally fascinated by her story, her energy, her learnings, and her insights. I'm also proud to run a company that values inclusion and diversity, and Jalina's amazing session helped to execute my mission."

--Maybar Durst
CEO and Co-Founder
OfCourse Marketplace



“Jalina Porter is a consummate and esteemed professional with exceptional talent in public relations, strategic communications, and media engagement. Jalina leads by example, demonstrating humility, empathy, and integrity in her interpersonal and professional relationships. In her consultancy and advisory capacity with the National Peace Corps Association, Jalina delivered superb results, with impeccable attention to detail and timelines demonstrating a broad range of subject matter knowledge. Jalina is also a compelling public speaker and corporate representative who will significantly enhance the mission of any organization that she serves. It was gratifying to work with her.”

--Glenn Blumhorst
President & CEO Emeritus, National Peace Corps Association
Chief Advancement Officer, Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation 




"Jalina knows her stuff and presents from the heart. She does an amazing job of engaging participants and tailoring her message to the audience she’s speaking to. Our members are mostly state legislators and pretty savvy ones at that, but they always come away from Jalina’s sessions having learned something new that will help them better engage with their colleagues and constituents.​"

--Nancy Parrish

Former Executive Director

Women's Action for New Directions

“It is a true privilege and delight to have the opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Jalina Porter's Branding Workshop. As the former Executive Director of a DC based 501(c)3 training hundreds of top-tier veterans, I can say unequivocally that our elite fellows always rate her training and presence as a top class. Fellows continue to reach out to me sharing how much they have learned from her and applied her teachings as they transition into leadership roles within the halls of Congress, The White House and corporations across the globe. Jalina is infectious, dependable, resilient, and bright. But her most impressive characteristics revolve around serving others and motivating those around her. Her humility is not only displayed through her work ethic and ability to sift through complex situations but enabling individuals to understand and apply these narratives in their professional lives. My relationship with Jalina has only continued to grow over the years from valued colleague to trusted advisor and friend. I’ve not only sought personal counsel from her on a range of issues, but I’ve also entrusted her with leading workshops for top tier veterans across the country. This world needs more leaders like her and I know she will make valuable contributions to any organization and most importantly, staff.”

--Jayson Browder

Founder and Chairman

Veterans in Global Leadership

“Jalina trained for my first TV interview and many subsequent appearances. She gave me the confidence to go in and succeed the first time and helped me over time to hone and refine my skillset. I ultimately have gone on to interview on 14 international news networks and regularly contribute. I use Jalina's training and tips every day and incorporate them into my own teaching. When people ask how I've been I able to succeed in the television industry I always say ‘Jalina Porter taught me everything I know!’”

--Bassima Alghussein


Alghussein Global Strategies 

“Finding ways to connect with an audience of any size and break the cycle of classic conflicts and deep divides is more critical than ever.  Jalina offered up a phenomenal values-based communication training for our community that not only gave them the tools they need to take individual conversations and larger speaking engagements to a new level, but also showed and demonstrated the tools directly through her own deft speaking and facilitating.  I would highly recommend her to anyone working with an audience of any scale that wants to tackle hard issues head on while keeping the audience engaged, moved, and motivated.”

--Kristen Graf

Executive Director

Women of Renewable Industries & Sustainable Energy (WRISE)

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